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Product Name: Polypropyleneglycol Mnomethacrylate, PPGMA,
CAS#: 39420-45-6
INCI: PPG-5 Methacrylate Polypropylene Glycol Monomethacrylate is a monofunctional monomer that is an ideal diluent because of it's low viscosity and low color.
Unit of Measure

Typical Properties

Molecular Formula

N/A C19H36O7

Molecular Weight

N/A 376.49

Purity (%)

N/A > 90

Color (APHA)

N/A 100 max

Moisture (%)

N/A < 0.5

Acidity (KOH per gram)

N/A < 0.3 mg

MeHQ Inhibitor

N/A MeHQ 800-1200 ppm

CAS Registration Number

N/A 39420-45-6

Toxic Substance Control Act List

N/A Listed