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Item # V-117-4107, Esstech DSS™ Glass


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Esstech DSS™ Glass features optimized levels of silane and improved hydrophobicity,  properties  which  may  result in improved adhesion & compatibility of the organic / inorganic surfaces in the composite.  This results in improved mechanical strength of your composite.  V-117-4107 is barium borosilicate glass, BBAS, containing 33% barium oxide.

Typical Properties · Composition

Typical Properties

Mean Particle Size (Microns)


Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

5.625 ppm/ºC

Index of Refraction



3.049 g/mL

CAS Registration Number


Secondary CAS Number


% Silane by TGA



Barium Oxide

33.0 %

Silicon Dioxide

50.0 %

Boron Oxide

9.0 %


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