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PL-DRK is a liquid photoinitiator compound developed specifically for dark and black inks and coatings. It provides an optimum balance between surface cure and through cure to enable the best possible adhesion in these systems. Because of it's optimum viscosity, it can be used in flexo, screen and paste inks without negatively effecting rheology. It is also well suited as a press side additive for the printer.

PL-DRK is soluble in most monomers, oligomers and pre-polymers. It is insoluble in H2O.
Unit of Measure

Typical Applications

N/A Dark and black inks and coatings, clear coatings for graphic arts, wood and plastics.

Typical Properties


N/A PL Industries

Performance Properties

N/A Easy to use liquid Excellent through and surface cure Very fast curing


N/A Pale yellow liquid

Viscosity @ 25 ºC (cps)

N/A 250 to 500

Boiling Point

N/A >250 ºC

Specific Gravity

N/A 1.16


N/A Faint, characteristic

Usage Levels

N/A 4 to 12 %