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Our Strontium Borosilicate glasses have the lowest refractive indices (1.500) of our glass filler products. They also have a low coefficient of thermal expansion. CAS # 65997-17-3
Shipped in standard packages of 50 lb units.
Unit of Measure

Typical Properties


N/A E 4000

Median Particle Size (Microns)

N/A 7.25

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

N/A 3.3 ppm/ºC

Refractive Index

N/A 1.500


N/A 2.44 g/mL

CAS Registration Number

N/A 65997-17-3


Strontium Oxide

N/A 14.0 %

Silicon Dioxide

N/A 57.0 %

Boron Oxide

N/A 14.0 %