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Product Name: Ethylene Glycol Dimethacrylate, EGDMA
CAS#: 97-90-5
EINECS/ ELINCS: 202-617-2
INCI: Glycol Dimethacrylate

EGDMA is a difunctional monomer that acts as a cross-linking agent between polymer chains. It has similar reactivity to methyl methacrylate with low water absorptivity and is commonly used in the optical industry.

Unit of Measure

Typical Properties

Molecular Formula

N/A C10H14O4

Molecular Weight

N/A 198.218

Purity (%)

N/A 99.0 min.

Refractive Index

N/A 1.453

Specific Gravity

N/A 1.050 g/mL

Acidity (% Methacrylic Acid)

N/A < 0.05

Color (APHA)

N/A 10 max

Moisture (%)

N/A < 0.1


N/A HQ - 40 to 80 ppm

CAS Registration Number

N/A 97-90-5

Toxic Substance Control Act List

N/A Listed