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Product Name: Exothane 32

Like Exothane 26, Exothane 32 also has the ability to re-adhere to itself after breaking. It is very low in color and viscosity and provides improved flexibility to formulations.

Typical Properties

Molecular Formula

N/A Proprietary

Molecular Weight

N/A Proprietary

Refractive Index

N/A 1.4776


N/A MeHQ - 7 ppm, BHT - 614 ppm

CAS Registration Number


Toxic Substance Control Act List

N/A Listed

Toughness at Max Strength (J)

N/A .585

Conversion (%)

N/A 97.4

Volumetric Shrinkage (%)

N/A 3.1

Average Shrinkage Stress (MPa)

N/A 0.2

Color (APHA)

N/A 17

Avg. Hardness

N/A 37

Max Strength (N)

N/A 60.46

Tensile Strength (N/mm^2)

N/A 2.88

Modulus (GPa)

N/A 0.008

Elongation (%)

N/A 33.77

Viscosity (PaS)

N/A 5.938