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    HEMA is a primary alcohol making it a good adhesion promoter in anaerobic adhesives. The purity level of this methacrylate monomer also makes it cost efficient.

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    Hydroxyethyl methacrylate or HEMA is a high purity methacrylate monomer with many applications including: contact lenses, anaerobic adhesives, light-curing systems and high performance coatings.

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    This HEMA has the adhesive qualities and multiple applications of other hydroxyethyl methacrylates along with additional stability.

  • Ethyleneglycol Dimethacrylate

    Ethyleneglycol dimethacrylate, EGDMA acts as a cross-linking agent between polymer chains. Also known as ethylene dimethacrylate or monoethylene glycol dimethacrylate, this difunctional monomer has similar reactivity to methyl methacrylate and low water absorptivity.