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Glass Fillers

Esstech, Inc. offers a variety of ground glasses with a wide range of particle sizes. These glasses are ground to meet your filler requirements. We offer precise X-Ray opacity, a range of options for composition, and a refractive index for esthetically pleasing composites.
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Aluminosilicate Glasses-Ceramic

The refractive index of aluminosilicate glass filler matches that of bisGMA and is very close to our X-970-0000. It has a negative coefficient of thermal expansion, which means it contracts slightly upon heating. This glass contains no barium and therefore has no x-ray opacity making it ideal to blend with our other glass fillers. CAS # 65997-17-3. 


Barium Silicate Glasses

Barium Silicate glass is an inorganic filler with a high refractive index of 1.580. It also has a high coefficient of thermal expansion and a high barium content, which increases its x-ray opacity.  CAS # 65997-17-3


Barium Borosilicate Glasses

Barium Borosilicate glass filler or BBAS has been traditionally used in the classic dental composite systems involving bisGMA and triethyleneglycol dimethacrylate. It is available in a variety of particle sizes. CAS # 65997-17-3


Strontium Borosilicate Glasses

Our Strontium Borosilicate glasses have the lowest refractive indices (1.500) of our glass filler products. They also have a low coefficient of thermal expansion. CAS # 65997-17-3

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