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  • Distilled N, N - Dihydroxyethyl - Para - Toluidines

    In addition to the photoinitiators listed below, we can work with you to find the optimal custom product to meet your cost, processing and performance needs.

  • Exothane Elastomers

    EXOTHANE ™ Elastomers represent the most recent advances in Esstech's urethane chemistry. These versatile materials offer performance enhancements across a broad range of demanding formulations.  Every application is unique and requires its own specific set of attributes.  Use the unique properties of EXOTHANE Elastomers to modify formulations, without using non-reactive additives.  Like many of Esstech's other products, potential applications involving EXOTHANE Elastomers can vary across many industries, from medical devices and cosmetic products, to curable coatings and adhesives.  Contact us to request additional Product Literature and samples.

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  • X 863 0050

    Manufacturing quality adhesive components requires raw materials of uncompromising purity. Their multiple applications place a considerable burden on their performance. The challenge is further heightened by the difficulty in synthesizing these molecules. They are capable of bridging the gap between hydrophilic and hydrophobic substrates. Only the most experienced chemists can achieve these characteristics. This limits the source for such raw materials to one company, Esstech, Inc.

  • FIT 852 Resin

    The successful production of quality composites, coatings and adhesives requires monomers featuring low color and acid in addition to the appropriate inhibitor, viscosity and refractive index values. A low color raw material will enhance the appearance of the final product. The low acid value reduces the amount of inhibitor required while extending the shelf life of your product. A consistent viscosity allows you to reproduce the same product time after time.

  • X 968 7048

    The challenges involved in formulating products can be overcome by the inclusion of specifically designed monomers. Monomers used in these applications can act as diluents or actively participate in forming a polymer matrix. To modify the polymer matrix, you must know what monomers can be added in what quantities to achieve the desired properties. The process of identifying the correct molecule with the correct purity and inhibitor level is difficult. Allow Esstech, Inc. to simplify the process.

  • Triethyleneglycol Dimethacrylate

    Formulating high quality products depend on the characteristics of your raw materials like color, acid, inhibitor, viscosity and refractive index. Consistent low color positively contributes to the appearance of the final product. The low acid value helps to stabilize the product and ensures an extended shelf life. Subsequently, the low residual acid content also allows for lower levels of inhibitor without compromising stability. Consistent viscosity delivers the desired physical characteristics while achieving the required refractive index that matches your final product. Esstech, Inc. is a reliable source that can produce materials with such strict specifications.

  • X 968 7044

    Esstech, Inc.'s high-purity monomers are ideal for optical and medical applications, providing manufacturers with consistent low color, appropriate inhibitor packages, consistent low acid and enhanced stability. These requirements must continually be met without deviation in order to efficiently manufacture quality materials.